积跬步至千里 托福学习日日新(双语)

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  It is the first timethat I record the date and weather in my feedback because I want to rememberall of the things during the class which has revealed my success on the lasttwo-month study.
  The talk today was sointeresting and meaningful that I did not notice the time and forget to havelunch. And after the lunch time, we continued to have the talk without anyexhaustion. In the past, after I finished class with Mary, I always felt thatit was the best class than it ever was for the tacit cooperation with eachother, and it was hard to be transcended later, with clearly sweeping mytiredness and motivating me to pursue my achievement. However, after today’sclass, I find myself totally making a mistake that the effect of class isgetting better and better because I make great progress every class, which isstill being highly increased.
  Looking back my long wayof chasing study with Mary, I discovered that I had made some amazing progress.When coming here firstly, like a monk who went away from his temple the firsttime, I challenged the complete system with my own experience and the method ofTOEFL, failed thoroughly. From that, I made a firm decision to master thesecret of the system. From the initial repeated practice to the core system ofSignal word, from the no-logical sentences to the logical thinking, from theimitating models to creating new models, from the help from others to helpingmyself even trying to help others, from the English study to the use of someabilities such as prediction, negotiation, logical thinking and conclusion, andso on, I have changed dramatically in some areas. Typically, I transformed theconscious knowledge to unconscious power which has printed in my mind. Theprocedure of English study is the same as losing weight. Both of them beganwith denying myself and seeking to changing myself. And the first step ispainful. One aimed to change my study system and another attempted to alert mybody structure. So I need to find the key to open the door for receiving them.For losing weight, I enjoyed the feeling after having a sweaty jogging whichmade feel comfortable physically and happy mentally. And for my English study,it is the same feeling of playing computer games when I use my methods toovercome the questions in TOEFL test. Therefore, I concentrate on my study andmake it a kind of game, which can both relax myself and lift my spirit up.
  I have learned somethingfantastic and amazing during the study, and what I have learned in the pastgathered in today’s class and formed a strong organism. It is not only theconclusion of the past classes, but also the sublimation of essence. Firstly, Igave two unprepared presentation without any nervousness. Compared to thesecond class I came here, I just retold what I have learned without anypersonal thoughts in it. And then, we talked about the strong power of idea andI listened to a story sharing by Mary named miracle. After doing that, Iconcluded that everything is possible from the story which revealed my abilityof conclusion. Meanwhile, I have indeed experienced the feeling of being aprofessor by sharing the experience which arises her resonance. In addition,the other conclusions about what we have talked indicate the ability ofcreativity especially the four sentences contained the relationship about helpwith others.
  In conclusion, it is abreakthrough of past study, and I feel satisfied with performance. Through thetalk with Mary this class, I have found that I indeed have made a progress andthat is what I have done and what I need to do and what I will persisting ondoing.

  以前学到的各种方法,在今天终于形成了一个初步的方法论,不仅仅是一个总结,更是一种升华,是质的飞跃。首先是毫无准备的两个presentation,完全感受不到紧张之感,已经能做到收放自如。然后,我们又谈到了意念的强大功能,以及听完Mary讲的“奇迹”的故事之后,我能联系到的各种事情,体现了自己丰富的联想能力以及反应力。同时,我又和Mary分享了自己关于“奇迹”的故事,而且是毫无准备全英文,我已经开始享受挑战自我的感觉。此外,这个故事又告诉我们,everything is possible。随后的几次总结,包括受助、自助、助人的诠释,都很好得展示了自己的总结能力和创新能力。并且,今天尤为重要的一点是自我切身体会到换位思考的感觉,以及对Mary的帮助。渐渐地从受助到自助的转变,以及对助人的尝试,是自我成长的重要体现。帮助Mary分析如何快速点燃学习这个点,以及如何在初次见面中给人以深刻的印象,同时分析了她的特质,并将之融入到她自身的讲课风格之中,这不仅仅是一种创新,更是对我们之间关系的重新定位。从单纯受助于她,到如今的互帮互助,这是我自上学以来,第一次与老师有这样的角色感觉,这也是改变了我的世界观。